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  • What makes the SwingSuit from LitFit Golf Apparel a unique choice for women golfers?
    The SwingSuit from LitFit Golf Apparel stands out for several key reasons that cater specifically to women golfers. Unlike traditional bodysuits, the SwingSuit is designed to be on the looser side rather than a tight compression fit. This ensures that you have full range of motion and can swing your club confidently without feeling restricted. Additionally, it features snaps between the legs, offering convenience and ease of use. One of its standout benefits is that you no longer have to worry about whether to tuck your shirt in or not, providing a seamless and polished look while playing. These thoughtful design choices make the SwingSuit both functional and fashionable, aligning perfectly with our mission at LitFit to offer apparel that enhances your performance and style on the golf course.
  • How do I wear the SwingSuit?
    The thong style SwingSuit from LitFit Golf Apparel is specifically designed to offer both comfort and functionality for female golfers. This unique piece is crafted from sweat-wicking fabrics that ensure you stay cool and dry on the course, even during the hottest rounds. The design is intended to be comfortable and non-restrictive, allowing for a full range of motion while you play. Additionally, some golfers prefer to go without underwear while wearing the SwingSuit, making the choice completely personal. Whether you opt to wear it with or without additional undergarments, the SwingSuit guarantees comfort, so you can focus entirely on your game.
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